Nail Technology Course

Nail Technology Course Outline

600 Hours

Our Nail Technology Course prepares students for the skills necessary to pass the Washington State Board written and practical examination necessary for licensing, and the competency to obtain an entry level position in the Nail Technology field.

Learn the basics from introduction of the nail technology industry to building up your professional image for your career.

nail technology

Theory & Training

  • Introduction to Nail Technology Industry
    • History & Career Opportunities
    • Communication Skills
    • Life Skills
    • Professional Image

General Sciences

  • Infection Control
  • General Anatomy & Physiology
  • Skin Structure, Growth & Nutrition
  • Nail Structure & Growth
  • Nail Disorders & Diseases
  • Basics of Chemistry
  • Nail Product Chemistry Simplified
  • Basics of Electricity

Nail Care

  • Manicuring
  • Pedicuring
  • Electric Filing
  • Nail Tips & Wraps
  • Nail Enhancements

Business Skills